Software and Data

Software and data developed by SEQAM members. All software is made available under GPL.


Dynamic Ordinal Classification (DOC) Toolbox contains different sequence classification methods including Conditional Ordinal Random Fields (CORF), Hidden Conditional Ordinal Random Fields (HCORF), Conditional Random Fields (CRF) , Hidden Conditional Random Fields (HCRF) and Variable State Latent Conditional Random Fields (VSL-CRF).


Probabilistic Modeling Toolbox for MATLAB.


Boosted graphical models C++ library.

Face Data – YouTube Celebrities

Face tracking and recognition database – YouTube Celebrities (CVPR 2008)

Sequence Kernels

Sparse Spatial Sample Kernels – Scalable sequence matching

Sequence Alignment

IsoCCA – Isotonic CCA for sequence alignment and activity recognition (ICCV 2011)

Conditional Ordinal Radom Fields

CORF and H-CORF code (MATLAB).

Motif Stemming

Code for stemming-based motif search.