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3D+2D RGBD Face Tracking

Spontaneous facial expression recognition & intensity estimation - CVPR'12

Dynamic Probabilistic CCA for Analysis of Affective Behaviour - ECCV'12

Structured Learning for Multiple Object Tracking - BMVC'12

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Recent publications

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  • R. Walecki, O. Rudovic, V. Pavlovic and M. Pantic. "Variable-state Latent Conditional Random Fields for Facial Expression Recognition and Action Unit Detection". Proc. of IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition. 2015.
  • O. Rudovic, V. Pavlovic and M. Pantic. "Context-Sensitive Dynamic Ordinal Regression for Intensity Estimation of Facial Action Units", IEEE Trans. Pattern Anal. Mach. Intell., Vol. 37. 2015, pp. 944-958.
  • C. Dalal, V. Pavlovic and R. Kopp. "Intrinsic Non-stationary Covariance Function for Climate Modeling", arXiv. 2015. Available:
  • S. Yi and V. Pavlovic. "Multi-Cue Structure Preserving MRF for Unconstrained Video Segmentation". 2015. Available:
  • C. Tran, V. Pavlovic and R. Kopp. "Gaussian Process for Noisy Inputs with Ordering Constraints". 2015. Available:
  • B. Babagholami Mohamadabadi, S. Yoon and V. Pavlovic. "PhD Forum: Mean Field Variational Inference using Bregman ADMM for Distributed Camera Network". 2015. Available:
  • S. Yang, O. Rudovic, V. Pavlovic and M. Pantic. "Personalized Modeling of Facial Action Unit Intensity". International Symposium on Visual Computing. 2014. pp. 269-281.
  • C. Chen, H. X. Pham, V. Pavlovic, J. Cai and G. Shi. "Depth Recovery with Face Priors". 12th Asian Conference on Computer Vision ACCV. 2014. pp. 336-351.
  • H. X. Pham and V. Pavlovic. "Hybrid On-Line 3D Face and Facial Actions Tracking in RGBD Video Sequences". 22nd International Conference on Pattern Recognition, ICPR. 2014. pp. 4194-4199.
  • S. Yoon and V. Pavlovic. "Sentiment Flow for Video Interestingness Prediction". Proceedings of the 1st ACM International Workshop on Human Centered Event Understanding from Multimedia. 2014. pp. 29-34.
  • J. Kim and V. Pavlovic. "Improving Ancient Roman Coin Recognition with Alignment and Spatial Encoding". ECCV Workshop VISART. 2014.
  • J. Kim and V. Pavlovic. "Ancient Coin Recognition Based on Spatial Coding". Proc. International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR). 2014.
  • J. Kim, S. Yoon, and V. Pavlovic. “Relative Spatial Features for Image Memora- bility.” In “Proc. ACM International Conference on Multimedia (MM),” ACM, 2013.
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